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How to Find Out if Someone is Married

Posted by Grace Mitchell on July 16th 2012 under Marriage Certificates

Find If Someone Is MarriedYou may have just met the romantic person of your dreams, but is he or she telling the full truth about their marital status?  Are you wondering if your high school sweetheart is still on the market?  Whether you have met a new flame or are curious about an old one, here are some easy tips for learning if someone is married. 

Why You Should Know Someone’s Marital Status

If you’re wondering “how do I find out if my new boyfriend or girlfriend is really married,” then listen to your gut instinct and take action. There are several reasons why a person might conceal his true marital status, such as a desire to have a sordid affair. Some people find it exciting or compelling to start a second or third family, while others might be con artists. Whatever the reason, if your significant other might be married and has concealed this fact, you should find out the truth on your own.

You can perform a name search in a public records database to see if anything turns up, but a deeper search will likely be necessary. It is helpful to have a date of birth and a social security number to ensure that any records you find belong to the right person, but it’s not necessary.

How to Discover if Someone is Secretly Married

Stop wondering “how do I find out if he’s married” and do something about those suspicions using the following tips.

  • Check the local courthouse records for marriage records that include your significant other. Many courts offer online access to records, although this varies by county and state.
  • Check the county clerk’s office that might have issued a marriage license any place that your significant other has mentioned living. Doing an address search for previous residences can help narrow down locations to search.
  • Online public records databases offer access to statewide or even national background searches that include a search for marriage records. There is typically a fee for this type of service, but is cheaper than hiring a private detective.
  • A search might also turn up divorce records that might not have been mentioned.
  • Next Steps in Finding Out Marital Status

    If your search for marriage records turns up any hits, even if it’s a divorce record that shows a past marriage, it will be your decision whether you use the evidence to confront your significant other or just move on. In today’s digital age, it is much easier to quickly learn whether someone is married or divorced without spending too much time and money.

    Getting peace of mind is the most important result of finding whether someone is already married.   With so many dates originating online, many people are resorting to using online public record searches to learn whether the person at the dinner table is worth having dessert with.

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